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Can You Do This Job to the Glory of God?

We can ask of every kind of work we doing, "Am I loving and serving my neighbor, or am I exploiting and tempting him?"

How to Be an Exile, Part 1: Daniel 1 Sermon Notes
Sermon Notes

While believers are always tempted to either assimilate or separate when they find themselves in exilic...

Best of Daily Reflections: Holy Rest for Holy Work
Daily Reflection

A few months ago, a young woman, new to faith, reached out to me with a pressing need. 

Ten Commandments of Talking Politics on Social Media

Let’s hold each other accountable to a higher level of discourse for the next few months, with these Ten Commandments...

Best of Daily Reflections: A Prayer of Dark Despair
Daily Reflection

Psalm 88 aches with dark despair.