Worship Resources

Quick Picks for Work-Themed Worship

Churches equipping members to work alongside God Monday through Friday can bring workplace themes into Sunday...

How to Do Vocational Interviews in Church

Tips for on-stage interviews that bring Monday work into the Sunday service.

Prayer Material about Work for Church Services

Work-themed prayers to use in church services: openings, thanksgivings, confessions, creeds, offertory,...

Hymns, Psalms & Poems about Work

An index to hymns, psalms and poems about work.

Readings about Work

A collection of readings for use in a work-themed church service.

Sample Services with Work Themes

These services are examples of what can be done around the theme of work for different occasions and in various settings...

Private Prayer

An index to private prayers about work.

Litany for The Affirmation Of Ministry In Daily Life

Let us pray for all who serve Christ through the daily activities of their lives.

A Commissioning to Vocation in Daily Life

In the ministry of your daily life and work, will you proclaim by word and example the Good News of God in Christ?