Quarterly Report, 2017 Q3

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Join Us In Celebrating Our 10-Year Anniversary & Invest In The Next 10 With A Special Matching Gift 

The Theology of Work Project is celebrating 10 years of helping Christians connect faith and everyday work!

In the last ten years, we’ve:​

  • Worked with over 130 working Christians, pastors and scholars to publish the Theology of Work Bible Commentary online for free in its entirety
  • Served over 3 million readers in over 200 countries through our online resources and devotional reading plans
  • Provided training for over 100 pastors and seminary faculty, in partnership with the Made to Flourish pastor’s network and Oikonomia Network 

And we’re just getting started! Your donation today will help us:

  • Improve our information technology to meet the demand that increased traffic has placed on our website
  • Make our materials accessible in additional languages. (The TOW Bible Commentary is currently available in English and Korean. We’re expanding our offerings to include Chinese, Spanish and more!)
  • Develop, test and distribute small group curriculum and devotional plans

You can be part of a movement to empower Christians to bring glory to God in everyday work!

For a limited time only – through 2017 - a generous donor is matching every dollar you give, up to $100,000. We are at 65% of this goal! $35 becomes $70. $500 becomes $1,000. Don’t miss this chance to double your impact! Click to learn how to donate today.

The Theology of Work Project is a non-profit organization.

New Devotional Reading Plan: Jesus' Love at Work

The demands, pressures and stress of work can put a huge strain on relationships with our coworkers. This plan provides simple steps you can take to be more loving to your coworkers that will transform those relationships and increase both joy and productivity at work. Produced in partnership with Workmatters. Find it for free here.

New (& Free) For Kids & Parents Struggling with School

Hope When School is Hard. Your kid said, “I hate school” or “I’m no good at math.” You need God’s help. Read this plan together, or listen to it in the car on the way to school. You’ll hear Jesus’ words driven home through the story of one kid’s struggle with school. Suggested activities each day help parents and kids connect to hope together. Find it for free here.

Help When a Kid Hates a Teacher. A teacher can make a kid’s day, or break a kid’s spirit. If your child doesn’t get along with a teacher, read this plan together, or listen on the way to school. The Bible offers practical advice to help a kid who’s struggling with authority. That includes praying for teachers, learning to speak with respect, and looking for ways to help out. Find it for free here.